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January 25, 2013

Welcome to the random thoughts of the founder of Easoto. 

How often have you heard 'you only have one chance at a first impression'? That's why we've put an enormous amount of effort into creating this web store for you. We want it to be informative, easy to navigate and very clearly show our fabulous products.

We aim to replicate in the Easoto experience the qualities we appreciate and value when a customer:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Quality, well made products
  • Encouraged to provide improvement suggestions
  • Be attentive and available
The webstore is the culmination of a number of pieces of work that have been running in tandem.  In the case of Easoto our product development process looked a little like this:
Idea > confirm the need > develop prototype > find manufacturer > develop samples > go into production.
Looks very straightforward you may think, but don't be deceived. There were many iterations, stops, starts, repeats, timeframes are not all equal, some elements were quite simple, others complex with many components.
Then of course, the many pieces to pull together to create, develop and launch a brand - the company's key ethos, name, logo, colours, legal, financial, administrative...
It has been a wonderful journey for this ex project manager, business analyst, manager from the mining industry to step outside that arena into into the world of startup entrepreneur with a consumer product in the online space!
Now that you've visited, we want you to browse a while and enjoy the Easoto experience.

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