Fitness Over 40 - Part Three

December 09, 2013

My phone rang and I recognised the number immediately. I dashed to the bedroom so I could take the call in private. I couldn’t risk my husband Simon catching me out.

It was Trent. I knew he was going to call today but I had asked him to wait until after Simon went to work. Simon was still home because today of all days there was a train strike, so of course I was somewhat flustered! Trent wanted me to come and see him. I had never done this before and really didn’t know if I could go through with it. I had met Trent very briefly only the week before and we had exchanged phone numbers. I told him when it was safe to call me but wasn’t expecting Simon to still be home! I had hoped my sudden dashing off to the bedroom hadn’t alerted Simon’s suspicions.

Trent wanted to meet up. I knew I wanted to see him too, but I was scared all the same. I was nervous and found myself stuttering and tripping over my own words. I told Trent I would have to wait until Simon and the kids were out but I was sure we could arrange a time to get together. I asked him what he wanted me to wear. He laughed and suggested a few things. I resolved to go out and buy exactly what Trent had suggested.

I knocked back a glass of Savvy B in two seconds flat and summoned up the courage and asked Trent what he was going to do to me. And he told me some of the things he’d like to try. Holy snapping duck shit! This guy was going to ruin me in ways I had never been ruined before! But I liked it! I liked the thought of it. I had never ever thought I would do this, never even thought I was capable, but the very thought of it excited me! I was geared up for it now and there was no going back. I just had to make sure Simon didn’t find out....

Flashback to two weeks ago.  I had seen my GP Sarah to have a check up before embarking on a quest to become a sexy gym bunny. Today I got the results of a blood test back that Sarah had ordered.

It was positive. I have diabetes. I am a diabetic. I have type 2 diabetes. I am a type 2 diabetic. I have a chronic disease. And I am in shock.

One thing I have learned in all my 39.9 years is that the only thing for shock is wine and a good Ryan Gosling DVD, so I got both and pondered my future. I knew that for once in my life I was going to have to stick to my promise to get fit. Apparently, if I started exercising now I could hold this thing at bay for up to ten years. If I started exercising and watching my diet I could completely stop it in its tracks. The next day I called into a local gym and signed up for a membership. I could see the scoff rising in Simon’s throat when I told him, but I tried to set fire to him with my mind again and he thought better of completing that scoff.

I couldn’t totally blame him. I had joined gyms before and had only gone for three or so months. OK three weeks. OK, OK, three days. OK fine, I never went! But I thought about it! Simon always did tell me it was the thought that mattered. Apparently that didn’t apply to gym memberships.

Who knew?

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