Fitness Over 40 - Part 11

February 17, 2014

Trent seemed thrilled that I had signed up for the challenge. He was a lot more thrilled about it than Simon was. Simon lived with me, was married to me, and knew first hand how much I loved early mornings. How much, you say? About as much as I loved pouring perfectly good wine down the sink. About as much as I loved sharing my chocolate. About as much as I loved looking forward to watching a Ryan Gosling movie on the telly, only to find it has been replaced by 27 hours straight of cricket. That’s about how much. Simon looked stressed.

“Honestly, Simon. I don’t know what you’re worried about. I am perfectly fine in the mornings! I don’t get angry. I’m as bright and as pleasant as you are, even when I’m woken early.

“Jen last time you got woken by the neighbours kid revving his car at 6am you chased him down the street. In your knickers. Screaming at him and waving a broomstick. It wasn’t even your broomstick.”

“Pfft! Well he should know better. And they were new knickers so I don’t see the problem?”

“Jen, it was all you had on.”

Ok, so there was that. But honestly who revs a car up at 6am? Especially when they live next door to me! Tell you what though, he never did it again. Sure he needed therapy to get over what he saw, but he never revved that car up again! I assured Simon that I would be fine and that no person alive or otherwise would suffer from my doing a challenge and getting up early.

Trent wanted me to meet some of the other ladies who were also doing the challenge as his clients. We met at a cafe and I instantly fell in love with one of my fellow team members. Her name was Mel and she had a gorgeous smiley face and a laugh that was so infectious I wanted to tickle her so I could hear it again. I decided the first meeting was probably not an appropriate time to tickle anyone. Perhaps next time.

Trent told us how we could all help each other through the challenge and asked that we give each other all the support we could. We all agreed that it would be much better doing the challenge with some buddies and swapped phone numbers. I suggested that once the challenge was over we might all get together and have a glass of wine. Mel looked at me like I was crazy and asked why only a glass and not a bottle? I heard angels sing and fell deeply in love with her at that very moment, seeing visions of us sitting together in cafe’s, drinking wine and regaling each other with stories of times past where we had also drank wine. She was going to be a new BFF.

I went home waited for Monday. Our first challenge group session.

Next week Jen gets taken to a brand new level of fear in spin class.

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