Fitness over 40 - Part 12 (Week 1 of the challenge)

March 16, 2014

So the day was finally here. We were weighed, measured, had written our goals down and were ready to go. There were about 40 people taking part in this challenge and day one was a swift introduction to the world of spin bikes, or ‘deceptive spinning death traps’ as I like to call them. The worst part was, the workout started at 5:30am. Yes, you did read that correctly, it STARTED at 5:30am!

Simon was proven wrong and I did indeed get out of bed and haul my sleepy butt to the gym for the class. This may have been because in a fit of madness I had promised one of the other girls that I would drive her there and it would have been pretty embarrassing not to show up.

I think I was half way driving there before I actually woke up. Tired doesn’t even begin to describe what I am like at 5am in the morning. But, I was there and that’s all that mattered.

Trent greeted us in his usual chirpy flouncy bouncy manner that should be illegal before at least the 3rd coffee. We were ushered into the spin room. It was like stepping into another world. It was dark and very small. The bikes were lined up in five rows of four. So, 20 bikes all up. The walls were painted with florescent paint and had pictures of city scapes, painted in such a way that it looked like you were riding into the distance. It was actually quite a groovy looking room. Very space age. The rest of the group was downstairs on the treadmills. Or running screaming down the street by now if they’d had any brains.

The instructor came around and showed us how to change the settings on the bike so that it was sitting at the right height for our body height and hip length. Also that the seat was positioned at the correct distance from the handle bars. All very scientific and important. We mounted our trusty steel steeds and the music started.

We were told to just let our legs roll over the pedals to start warming up. Apparently this workout was going to take 20 minutes. We were doing something called interval training, where we would be gradually increasing our intensity minute by minute, up to 4 minutes the back to the start again. We got started and the first couple of minutes were ok. But then we had to stand! By some miracle of God I actually was able to stand on this bike and still pedal my feet at the same time. I decided against whooping for joy. I looked maniacal enough without doing that.

It was hard, It was hot, it was exhausting but soon enough it was over. I had been training with Trent for 6 weeks now and already noticed that I was getting much fitter pretty quickly. We would be training 6 days per week during this challenge, and I was very keen to see where I would be at the end of the 12 weeks. Exciting stuff!

Next week: Jen gives her pantry an overhaul

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