Easoto Soft LoSheen Brown Collection


The Soft LoSheen collection in Brown comprises all models of this colour in the Easoto Range. Totes and Backpacks to store your heels, sneakers and many pockets to organise your handbag contents.  Mini handbags to carry just your essentials and coin purses to protect your wallets.

Soft Lo Sheen is 420D twill nylon. Twill fabrics are characterised by their diagonal weave. Easoto items made with this material have a soft, smooth feel with a slight sheen. This is our lightest weight material, but still has the same quality fittings and trim of our Leather range.

Easoto Backpack LoSheen Sandy Brown Front
$195.00 Easoto Travel Backpack Soft LoSheen Brown
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Easoto Hip Handbag Soft Sandy Brown Cross body
$55.00 Easoto Hip Handbag Soft LoSheen Brown
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Easoto Tuck Handbag Soft Sandy Brown Front
$50.00 Easoto Tuck Handbag Soft LoSheen Brown
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