Bolder Bands

Easoto is thrilled to be Bolder Bands' first international partner! 

We bring to our Australian and New Zealand friends the award winning workout headbands - Bolder Bands.  
Designed to Stay Put, so you don't have to!


Who Are Bolder Bands For?

Bolder Bands are for Runners. They're also for Rock Climbers, Skiers, and Basketball players. They're for Power Lifters, Power Walkers, and people who love Power Yoga. Bolder Bands are for horseback riding, stroller driving, and morning cuppas with friends. They're also used widely by smilers, strivers, and toddler high-fivers. They're made to stay put, they're made to wick moisture, and they're made to look great, but most of all, Bolder Band headbands were made for the Bold, Beautiful, You!  

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