Bolder Bands - some FAQs

Please see below some FAQs for our Australian and New Zealand friends who order their Bolder Band from Easoto:
How do I determine the size I need?
Use a dressmakers tape or a piece of string. Measure near your hairline around your head from the middle of your forehead, over your ears and around to the nape of the back of your neck, back up to the middle of your forehead. Then apply this:
Regular - 53.3cm to 57cm
Small - 49.5cm to 53.3cm
Watch this video to see how to measure your head: click here 
What are they made of?
A spandex/lycra blend which is essentially like swimsuit material (very comfortable). The fabric it is made out of is extremely absorbent, it retains its' elasticity, and it can be worn as thin or as thick as you want.
Where are they made?
Colorado, USA
How many different ways and widths can I wear them?
Six different ways!
Wide – 15cm over or under the ear
Medium – 8.5cm under or over the ear
Narrow – 6cm over or under the ear
Watch this video to see a demonstration: click here 
Are they sewn all the way around?
No – that is what allows you to wear them 6 different ways!
Are they machine washable?
YES – and air dry (don’t dry in dryer!!!)
Are they safe for the dryer?
NO – air dry ONLY!! They will curl up on you. ☹
How much is shipping?
Shipping is included when you buy from Easoto within Australian and New Zealand only.
How long does it take to process my order?
We aim to process orders within two business days
How do I contact you?
Our number is 0421 246864 or our email is
How does the Guarantee work?
IF you wear them correctly (low on your forehead – more like a sweat band less like a plastic headband) AND you have the correct size, watch this video: click here
THEN if for some reason it doesn’t stay put, we’ll offer to replace it with a different size or refund your purchase (after you return it to us – shipping is NOT refundable)
Do you accept returns and issue refunds?
Yes. However, we will only accept returns and issue refunds for up to 30 days.
How is this headband different from other large cloth headbands?
  1. The fabric it is made out of is extremely absorbent, it retains its' elasticity, and it can be worn as thin or as thick as you want!
  2. And, the Bolder Band Headband is the ONLY 6 in 1 headband on the market! You can wear 1 Bolder Band 6 different ways, so it is very versatile!
Do you have any customer testimonials?
Until we have some Australian and New Zealand customers give us their feedback, you can check out these from our USA friends.
- go to Facebook, look around: click here
- Sarah's testimonial video: click here
- Mary's excellent styling tips and testimonial video: click here