What our Easoto friends are saying

Helen (Happy Traveller): Just spent 6 weeks travelling in USA and LOVING my TUCK bag. Amazing how much it will hold  - right now:

  • sunglasses
  • reading glasses
  • door-keys
  • tissue pack
  • ID and credit cards
  • coin purse
  • paper money in zipper compartment
  • mints
  • postcards
  • asthma puffer
  • pen (thank you!) and
  • lipstick
with room for more. Amazing!


BBs BillboardGreat weather here in Perth to be soaking up the sun! I never go for a walk without my Easoto Hip Handbag I love the little coin purse too!

93 year old Canadian woman: Now, this lady, who does not want her photo or name here, still WORKS FULL TIME!  Her daughter living in Perth bought her an Easoto Tote to store her shoes in for her walk to work.  Feedback from the daughter is that her Mum absolutely loves her Easoto!  We have a photo of her Mum holding her Easoto and we think her Mum is totally inspirational.

Bernadette B (Stylish Perth Blogger): The Easoto Hip - "It fits across the body leaving your hands free, I use it most when I’m taking the dog for a walk and doing the grocery shopping . It would be great also if you're out at night and want to keep all your belongings safe and close!".  See what else Bernadette has to say about Easoto here: http://bernadetteb.net/easoto-bag/


Kylie J (First time Mum): "I have one in pink and use as my nappy bag! I use the Easoto vault to hold containers of water and formula. Perfect!"

Donna S (Super busy Mum, wife, full time employee): "I have the Easoto tote in sturdy matte red. It is the most functional bag I have ever owned. It opens quite wide so you can see where everything is, but when you're carrying it, it closes so it isn't bulky. The inner pockets fit everything perfectly so nothing is lost in the bottom of it. I took it to the movies yesterday and was able to find my water bottle, all the lollies I'd stashed for the kids, and then my keys and phone when I needed them. It holds an incredible amount of stuff, which is good because I carry an incredible amount of stuff lol. It's stunning to look at too."

Diane O (First USA Easoto delivery): "I love the many compartments. Looks really sturdy and the color is awesome.  The weight distribution is amazing. The bag feels so much lighter than my old messenger bag". And we have the cutest poppet modelling it for us!

Faye D (Semi Retired Traveller): "my bag was great thanks, especially on flite & at airport, hands free. I luv it!"

Kylie E (Easoto Facebook winner): "I was lucky enough to win a Black Easoto Hip PVC and just wanted to say thank you again Easoto. It's a great size, plenty of pockets, and the little coin purse is perfect! Thank you!"

Define Your Space with Karen (Professional Organiser): "Oh I sure do 'get' that tote. I love the zip off piece for valuables and that the pockets are a size to fit things comfortably. It's an amazing bag! This will be brilliant for holding my 'tool kit' as well as looking stylish and professional"

Janet B (Business Owner): "Enjoying the good life at the Parmelia Hilton in Perth as only a quality bag can x"

Carolyn E (Associate Editor & Style Guru): “When I first spotted Easoto’s fabulous bags I was instantly smitten. I’m known affectionately to friends as “the bag lady” because I’m always carrying two bags – a handbag, and another bag for back-up heels or gym shoes and paperwork. What I love about my classic navy and tan Easoto tote is that it’s sharp and smart as well as practical. It is essentially two bags in one! My favourite feature is the separate zip compartment at the base of the tote for shoes. Total genius.”

Sherry FW (Diamond & Jewellery Professional): "Fantastic bags! Used my leather tote as carry on! Kept me organized!"

Janet B (Happy Traveller): "Travelling in style. Makes me happy." (Easoto in the Qantas lounge)


Maureen M (Business Owner & IT Professional):  "The photos are very professional, they truly show what the product looks like in real life and were really helpful in choosing the right product.  They are really practical, great quality and I love the zip out organiser!""  (Product photography by Ken: http://klphotos.com.au/ )

Paula E (Feature Writer):  Owner of an Easoto Tote and Tuck - "Now I'll have a stylish Easoto bag for every occasion!"


Julie (Boutique Owner): "The Tuck is amazing.  You fit so much in it, the base is big so you can see everything and the bright lining means everything stands out!"

Melissa P ("A" List Community Leader): "I am sure the tote, which I discovered is designed for shoe storage on the go, will be useful as it is stylish (though I may be putting papers in mine!).  I wish you every continuing success and congratulate you on your innovative business concept."