Easoto - The Beginning

Thanks for dropping by!  Let me share the Easoto story so that you can discover how Easoto is unique amongst the millions of other bags out there.

My name is Sandy and I appreciate that you have managed to grab a few minutes of “me” time amongst your juggle of children, partner, work, friends, exercise, cooking, cleaning...  Isn’t it always rush, rush, busy, busy?  

Easoto was created a couple of years ago whilst on my way to work with a global mining company in the city. I was rushing along in my flats; handbag on one shoulder, heels in a cotton tote on the other - along with a water bottle, my iPad and lunch.  I felt as graceful as a pack mule!

Waiting for my connecting bus, I looked around and noticed that so many other women were doing exactly the same thing, striding along in flats and lugging two bags. It was then that I decided, there will be a better bag for busy women.

For the next few months, after work hours and on the weekends, I developed the concept further.  Central to the design is the place where you store your heels, the Easoto Vault – a polypropylene box at the bottom of every Easoto Tote and Backpack. 

We called it the Vault because it protects your shoes, or anything else you put in it, from getting squashed or stained from other items in your bag or vice versa.

Shoe storage issue sorted (and now down to one bag), I decided to address the shortcomings in every bag I've ever owned. You can probably relate to these: 

  • not enough pockets
  • pockets the wrong size
  • nowhere to put my water bottle
  • constantly hunting through my bag for everything!

We’ve got sections for everything you take in your day. There’s even a zip out satchel that is perfect for your makeup/toiletries or even your passport.  When you’ve packed your Easoto, you’ll know exactly where everything is - always!

At Easoto, we want for you to leave home, whether it be to work, or on a holiday adventure,  striding confidently and comfortably knowing that your handbag contents are organised!

Check out our Easoto friend packing her Backpack for the day: