Easoto - An Introduction

Designed from scratch, Easoto Totes and Backpacks have a unique storage solution.  We called it the Vault because it protects your shoes from getting squashed or stained from other things in your bag or vice versa, you’ll never have a piece of fruit get pierced by your killer heels! 

We understand you are very busy, so many things on the go!  

Helping you while you commute and at work, consider the Totes and Backpacks.

If you have a lot to carry and like the same features, check out the Travel Totes or Travel Backpacks.  

Do your shoulder a favour and just want to carry the essentials?  Check out our Hip or Tuck mini handbags.

Don't downgrade your chic outfit with the nondescript bag that your heels are in.  Easoto: one bag, one stylish look.

Did you know you can put everything into one bag?  Easoto: lots of pockets so you save time searching because everything doesn't fall straight to the bottom of your bag.  We even have a pocket for your water bottle.  When you’ve packed your Easoto, you’ll know exactly where everything is - always!

Hopping on a plane?  Easoto is the perfect bag to carry on board.  Put your essentials into the zip out satchel and keep close by.  Gain back some valuable floor space!

Maybe an overnighter?  Straight from work, one bag with a bottle of wine and change of clothes in the vault.

Imagine how your Easoto will enable you be to stylishly organised for your next adventure - check out the complete Tote and Backpack collection.