Easoto VAULT - What's in yours?

The most exceptional and original feature of the Easoto Carryall Tote and Backpack design is the Easoto VAULT storage.

The Easoto VAULT is a reinforced, removable cell that is made from 100% recycled polypropylene and is perfect for storing and protecting your shoes discreetly. With this unique design element, it's time to forget the extra bag because you now have a way to pack all your stuff for the day ahead in the ONE bag, including your favourite heels!

Shoe storage is just one option. Some other items stored in the Easoto VAULT that Easoto customers have shared with us:
- rolled up jacket when travelling 
- damp towel after a dip in the ocean 
- bottle of red for dinner with friends 

Some more fabulous and funny suggestions (we love the last one):
Liquid refreshments - alcohol, booze, red wine, wine, smuggle drink to the footy, wine bottles, glasses
Baby related - bottles, baby food, bibs, wipes, diaper changer, nappies
Comfort - books, blanket, chocolates, slippers, cuddly blanket, jammies, magazines
Practical - camera, specs, umbrella, tablet, work files, mobile
Clothing - cardigan, scarf,  change of clothes, change of undies, dirty laundry, jumper, overnight pack/wear, spare outfit
Pets  - Chihuahua, dog lead
Personal  - condoms, private stuff, sex toys, vibrator
Food - fruit, lunch, lunch box/kids food, cooler, snacks 
Fitness  - golf shoes, gym clothes, gym gear/swimming togs, gym weights, dancing shoes
Grooming - hair dryer & straightener, toiletry bag, makeup bag
Mum's helper - choccies for those days when I need a fix and a bottle of wine for the end of the day once the kids are asleep
Special  - jewellery, jigsaw, lingerie, little black dress, medical, secret money, wallet, handbag,  shopping you don't want hubby to see