Product Materials

Our current Easoto collection has been created from four materials:

- Leather. We use quality cowhide, tanned in Thailand. Being a natural material, there are sometimes subtle differences in texture and colour. When the variance is outside our quality targets, the leather is rejected by our manufacturer.
- "Soft Lo Sheen" is 420D* twill nylon. Twill fabrics are characterised by their diagonal weave. Easoto items made with this material have a soft, smooth feel with a slight sheen. 
- "Sturdy Matte" is 300D* polyester with a water resistant backing. The material has a lower denier than the "Soft Low Sheen" material, so the thread is finer, but the water resistant backing provides some sturdiness. Easoto goods made with this material are stronger, have a matte finish and hold their shape more.
- "Fun PVC" is our cheerful, fun range made of pressed PVC. The pressing gives a slight dotted indentation, thereby providing some texture and visual interest.

*Denier measure: This is a measure of the weight and thickness of the thread in a material. The lower the denier, the softer and finer the material will feel. Think of the difference between ultra sheer pantyhose that have a very low denier of perhaps 15, and opaque pantyhose or tights with a higher denier of 80 - 150.

Zoomed Sturdy Matte - 300D Polyester

Zoomed Soft LoSheen - 420D Twill Nylon