Easoto - Enabling Women

We are very proud to let you know that before we committed to having our collection manufactured there, the factory in Chiang Mai Thailand, was personally vetted over a number of visits, with many weeks spent on the factory floor and in the office. For Easoto, the working conditions of the staff is of equal importance to the quality of the product.

The factory is a light, airy, spacious and modern facility, staffed with predominantly female employees. We observed an adult workforce, with standard working hours, varied duties, adherence to government decreed pay rates and opportunities to receive company set bonuses. And very importantly, women held senior positions both in the factory and the administration areas.

We enable opportunities to women of the countries in which we operate that are safe and rewarding. We aim for these women to have financial independence along with the freedom to live close to their families.

Stay tuned for the next chapter as we have some very exciting plans for 2014 and beyond!

Here’s a few photos taken during visits in 2012 and 2103: