Easoto - E.A.S.O.T.O.


OK, so whilst Easoto is a quality, well thought-out practical bag for busy women, the Easoto story is much deeper. Easoto is an acronym I created:

“Enjoy A Sunset Over The Ocean”

Let’s be honest here, we don’t all enjoy our jobs every day. Indeed some days we dread going to work because we know that it’s going to be an absolute shocker!

And how about the juggling act organising things to get out of the front door at home. It sometimes seems like the biggest battle of the day is won when you get to your “paid job” on time!

I love to think that now and then, when you’re having one of “those” days, a glance at the Easoto logo will remind you that even though it may feel like it right now, it’s NOT all about your career, the deadlines and the difficult times you are experiencing.  

Hopefully, you will take a deep breath and remind yourself it is about taking some time out to enjoy the Sunset (or Sunrise), whether it is over an Ocean or the beautiful Outback!

It could be that saved for overseas holiday every couple of years sipping a cocktail, or as simple as fish and chips down by the beach, watching the sun go down.

Ahhhh... Easoto!